2017 Samurdhi Beneficiary Empowerment Program

There are 03 Samurdhi Bank Associations in the Colombo Divisional Secretariat. There are about 5850 families receiving Samurdhi benefits. Of these, 585 beneficiaries are to be empowered.

Accordingly, the allocation for the Colombo Divisional Secretariat is Rs. 1,136,625.00. Out of those allocations, Rs. 86625 / - and for industrial development Rs. 500,000 / - and for fisheries and animal husbandry Rs. 150,000 / - and Rs. 400,000 / - has been allocated.

The following projects are planned to be implemented in accordance with the Industrial Development and Marketing Development Program in accordance with the existing social environment and economic environment.

Samurdhi beneficiaries will be provided with 17 mobile carts to implement marketing development programs for 17 families. These include green tea and soft drinks, milk, wade and snacks, fruit and beverage and plastic ornaments.

In addition, there is a growing focus on small and medium-sized retailers and industrialists. Under this, it has been identified to provide more than 70 sets of jockey machines and sewing machines for the garment industry, refrigerators, scales and other kits for home business.

The Ceylon Industrial Development Board and Aldeniya Chillies are also planning to conduct a training workshop on Innovation and Value Added Products, a group of small and medium enterprises, women entrepreneurs.

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