productivity cycle 2   The main economic activities are based on Agriculture and Fishing. The     location of Indian Ocean and Mundel lagoon contributed a lot to make the activities success. A part to this medium and minor tanks provide irrigation facilities for the well being of paddy and other crop cultivation further most of the people engage in coconut cultivation and coconut based industries such as fiber and related activities.

Further garment industries, Timber workshops, large scale Cattle and Paultry farms provide considerable number of employment opportunities. Small scale milk based industries also emerging in the division.

The Mundel District Hospital provide Health care services to the people in the Division. Apart to this several Rural Hospitals,central Dispensaries, Ayurvedic Hospitals and Clinic centers extend services through out the division .

The Mundel Police Station play vital role in maintaining peace and order. The police posts and Navy units established in the division support further to carry out the duties of Mundel Police Station. The private, state banks, Co- Operative society Ltd. Extend other required financial and supportive services of the area.

The National economy is nourished by the prawn culture. Coconut based industry and fresh water fish farming taking place in the Mundel Divisional Secretariat division. The heavy investment tourism that is taking place in the Kalpitiya Divisional Secretariat  division also present is also suppoted dirrectly and indirectly by the activities of the Mundel Divisional Secretariat  division. It is no doubt that making Sri Lanka as a wonder of Asia is surely would be supported by the Commitment of Mundel Divisional Secretariat Division in various fields.



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Corona virus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public

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